AFL Investments has services tailored to meet various client needs. One of the advantages in investing with AFL is that you get the experience of Cidel, our strategic partner, and their team of investors who manage over $4 Billion in client assets. From the Bermuda team, you will receive exceptional customer service and personal attention.

Private Client

Our investment offerings to private clients include discretionary management, custody and investment advisory services. We recognize that our clients have worked hard for their money and our goal is to assist clients in determining the best asset allocation for their needs. We accomplish this through a structured client relationship program that includes: exploration of financial objectives, formal financial planning, and monitoring performance to ensure that goals are on track.

Trusts and Endowments

AFL Investments is on the Approved Investment Manager listing for several reputable Trust Companies. Our Capital Preservation investment philosophy is attractive to Trust Managers who have a fiduciary responsibility to manage and protect clients’ assets. We have the ability to either custody assets or design a custom portfolio according the terms of the trust.

Captive Management

We understand that captives come in all shapes and sizes. As the trustee for your client’s investment assets, we can offer solid performance and/or advice.

Our investment solutions to captive clients could include our standard portfolio offerings or a customized portfolio designed to meet specific investment needs of the captive.

Some captives may desire investment advisory services only to ensure independence. Our experience in working with advisory clients is that regardless of the assets or the goal we follow the following 5 step process:

  1. Client Assessment
  2. Establish Investment Mandate
  3. Implementation
  4. Reporting & Communication
  5. Ongoing Management

For all captive clients we can provide:

  • Customised investment solutions based on your needs
  • Open architecture and consolidated reporting for all of your assets
  • Continual portfolio oversight and monitoring
  • Complete access to the investment expertise of our group
  • Regular Face to face interaction with the captive manager and their clients

Corporate Cash Management

AFL Investments has the solution to short-term cash requirements using our Cash Management program. The product is designed to attract a higher rate of return than traditional bank accounts while maintaining the liquidity required for operational expenses. This program is attractive for retained earnings balances and short term liquidity requirements.