Products & Fund Performance

Our primary focus in the management of our clients’ assets is protecting capital. Rather than attempting to predict where markets are going, we focus on understanding the ways in which losses may occur in our clients’ portfolios and ensuring that the risks in those portfolios are consistent with client expectations.

We have the ability to offer funds, portfolios, and custody for both local and international stocks and bonds.


Active Allocation

Unlike funds that rebalance to a fixed allocation model or manage based upon a market index, our funds are managed based upon the fund objective. This means that the portfolio manager has the ability to actively manage the fund asset allocation based upon given market conditions. Portfolios that are managed to an index do not shield investments from losses when the index is in decline our active portfolio management enables the portfolio manager to adapt to current market conditions to help protect investor capital.

Institutional Funds

Through institutional buying power and global industry connections AFL Investments product offering uses underlying funds that:

  • charge lower fees than retail funds, which means you keep more of your investment earnings,
  • attract the best and brightest fund managers, which means you will generally have better returns,

AFL does not charge any up-front fees or back end charges. Our fee structure is clear and transparent.

Consolidated Reporting and Analysis

The foundation of good reporting is a strong administrative platform capable of consolidating positions at many managers and custodians. It is important that you can see all of your holdings and all of your transactions in one easy to follow statement. Additionally we can easily split your portfolio into segments such as education or retirement and evaluate your portfolio according to the asset mix.

We will work with you to establish what types of reporting are required. Monthly statements are sent to stakeholders and regular face to face meetings are held.


The Fundamental Index approach offsets the risks of overexposure to inflated or understated valuations of individual equities that may occur in historical market capitalization-weighted indexing, subjecting an investor to the extremes of market cycles. Unlike traditional market cap weighted indexes, the RAFI approach selects and weights stocks based on four fundamental financial measures that better reflect underlying company strengths and potential for future performance: sales, cash flow, book value and dividends. The results are higher investment returns with lower volatility. Since 1962, RAFI funds have shown the following annualized out performance against the following indexes:

» MSCI World: 3.55%
» MSCI US: 2.39%
» MSCI Japan: 3.67%

The RAFI approach is now being used and promoted by some of the world’s most important institutional investors. In announcing a recent partnership between Charles Schwab and RA, Charles R. Schwab commented that, “The Fundamental Index methodology is the most important innovation in passive investing since indexing was popularized in the 1970s.” In addition to Schwab, RA now has partnerships with many of the global leaders in institutional investing including PIMCO, Nomura Asset Management, PowerShares and Claymore Securities. RA’s list of current clients includes some of the most well recognized institutional money managers such as CALPERs in the United States.

The RAFI funds we currently offer are the perfect replacement for traditional long only exposure – delivering higher investment returns with lower volatility.