Product Descriptions

Argus Investment Strategies Fund Ltd (“AIS”)

AIS is a Bermuda fund of funds company which offers five classes of investment shares with varying risk/reward profiles. Each investment class is constructed to achieve a specific fund objective by combining underlying investment managers with specific specialties.

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AIS Fund Strategies

Preservation of capital with significant exposure to fixed income. There will be some exposure to equities to reduce overall portfolio risk and to provide a modest growth of capital.

Moderate growth of capital with lower volatility. Primary exposure will be to fixed income, with a meaningful exposure to equities to support growth of capital.

Growth of capital with a primary exposure to equities, while reducing risk and volatility through fixed income and real estate exposure.

Growth of capital over complete market cycles with significant exposure to equities and some modification of risk through fixed income and real estate exposure.

Growth of capital over complete market cycles with full exposure to equity markets and risk based assets.

AFL Portfolios

AFL portfolios are discretionary managed portfolios based upon five return and risk profiles: Conservative, Moderate, Balanced, Growth and Aggressive.

Investments within a portfolio are placed with various independent asset managers that focus on a particular investment style or geographic focus. Our portfolios offer investors access to institutional products at institutional pricing through our strong purchasing power and excellent incumbent relationships.

Portfolios are reviewed regularly and are rebalanced based upon the state of the capital markets and the portfolio’s return and risk profile. AFL Investments works with many well known industry leading custodians to ensure effective execution of the portfolio strategy.


BlackRock has managed cash portfolios for over 30 years and has almost $1.4 trillion in total client assets under management, of which $350 billion is cash assets, making them one of the largest cash management providers in the world. BlackRock’s Institutional Liquidity Funds (ILF) are recognized as safe, efficient, and very competitive vehicles for investing cash. BlackRock has successfully demonstrated both performance and safety, anticipating downgrades and reacting accordingly an average of seven months ahead of rating agencies. The U.S. Federal Reserve has hired BlackRock to manage and sell Bear Stearns assets over the next 10 years. The cash funds are highly diversified across at least 50-100 short-term issuers. The funds are not held on the company balance sheet as they are in traditional banking institutions. The BlackRock money market funds are an attractive option for managing short term investments whether on a stand-alone basis or as part of a wider investment portfolio.

Our offerings include; the Institutional Liquidity Fund and the Treasury Fund. The Institutional Liquidity Fund is available in US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro and Sterling currencies. The triple-A rated fund offers a competitive return with three day liquidity.